My name is Marius Hordijk. I have been working as a model since 2004. While studying Social Psychology at University College Utrecht, I went on an exchange program to South Africa. On a brave and happy day, I stepped into a modeling agency and said 'hello'. The rest, as they say, is history. I have been fortunate to have worked around the world, gaining experience with every trip I made. For this job, I lived in New York, Milan and Amsterdam. 

The last couple of years I wanted to do something with my background in, and love for psychology. I took a year long course in coaching in Holland before moving to Tuscany.

I love roaming around in nature, I have a very big passion for music and writing (these come together on killedthecat, where a friend and I write for fun, in case you're curious), and love riding my mountain bike and motorcycle.

In 2016, I spoke for Tedx about my personal experiences as a model, and the path I needed to take to find pride and peace in what I do. Just to give you an idea of who I am.





Here are some highlights of my modelling career.