The Coaching Track

Since every coaching track is different, it is hard to go into full detail how your coaching track is going to be. In general though, I can tell you a few things.

  • A full track tends to be between 7-10 sessions. It also depends fully on many factors. It can be both shorter and longer.  The sessions can be at regular intervals or more based on your needs.
  • Coaching sessions are available in English, Dutch and Italian.
  • You never have to. Maybe after a few sessions, you find out that you are already understand what you wanted to understand. Or that you think I might not be the right person for you. Or maybe you need a different kind of help. There are never 'have to's'.
  • We do this together. I am not the kind of coach that will tell you what to do, or hand you solutions. I strongly believe that the best path (maybe not the easiest path) is where you are responsible. I am there to help you understand, to support you by asking questions, making observations, confronting and challenging your thoughts and convictions.


Positive Psychology

As you might know, there are many, many different movements and school of thought within psychology. One of the important elements in my coaching approach has its basis in positive psychology. In very, very short (too short, therefore the link to the people that can explain it to you better than I can), we not only look at what is not going well for you. We also look at what is going well and build on that.

Other elements from positive psychology that are integrated are self-compassion and -acceptance, meditation (if this fits you. Some love it, some have no affinity with it), and physical health. This last element we can even work on together if you'd consider coming over to my neck of the woods.



Since I live in Italy, the reality is that we will use Skype sometimes to talk. Because I still travel frequently for modelling, it is possible to meet up wherever you are. Or...you could come to where I am. Since the summer of 2017 my wife and I moved to a town in Tuscany, called San Giovanni Valdarno (look below!).

If you want, I can help you organise a break from the hectic fashion life and come this way for some days. We can hike or bike in nature, talk together, be quiet together. We can have a daily coaching session, combining it with fresh air, fresh food, peace and quiet and the scenery you see above.