Needing some help in identifying and achieving life or work goals, understanding better who you are, handling work and/or life pressures, or just be a little bit happier or more content with who you are and what you have; there are countless reasons to feel like you want or need coaching. I am Marius Hordijk, and I'd be more than happy to walk this path together with you. Due to my work experience in fashion the past thirteen years, I specialize in coaching in the fashion industry. Absolutely anyone is welcome however. 


The Coaching Track 

To understand one's reactions to any circumstance, we first need to understand better who you are. Where you are from, how you grew up. What you believe to be true, what your reality is. We start here. From there, the journey continues. 



The fashion world is a world of extremes: speaking for myself, I think it's safe to say that some of the most beautiful experiences of my life have come (so far) from working as a model. Some of the hardest ones as well.  Read more about my perspective on the model life.


Who am I?

Since I am asking you to confide in me, it is only fair that you know more about who I am as well. For any further questions, or if you prefer to have e-mail or phone contact before we enter a coaching track together, don't hesitate to contact me.